Oklahoma Lakes
With Swimming Beaches

Oklahoma lakes with swimming beaches get you feeling like you've got your own ocean-front property when you're there swimming in the waves! We've got some fabulous lake beaches in OK for you.

Lots of lakes all over the state give you that refreshing swim. 

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We'll separate them by Oklahoma areas. I-40 separates North from South & I-35 divides East from West. Come see!

OK Lake Swimming Beaches

Probably the driest area of Oklahoma, there still are some lakes to be found!

FOSS LAKE - You can get a swim at Sunset Beach. It has good & some not-so-good points! You can decide if it's worth it, since there aren't many Oklahoma lakes with swimming beaches in the area.

Where Is It? Exit 53 from I-40 & go north on Hwy.44. About 9-1/2 miles turn left at N2136 Rd. & an immediate left at the road to Sunset Beach.

Ranger walking on path at a sandy beach by a lake

The Good - A seemingly irresistible sandy beach. What else?

  • In summer, water temp's really fine for swimming.
  • Glass containers aren't allowed. That should prevent glass shards amidst the sand.
  • Watchful Rangers come around.
  • Many people say they adore it, recommending it.
  • The lake is very large. Making for other shoreline swim options, if you don't prefer this lakeside.

The Not Very Good - Some of it kinda cancels out the good.

  • There's a sprinkling of little rocks scattered around the sand. And when you're in the water. Recommend you have good Beach Shoes, as it's not purely sand.
  • Even with glass prohibited, in places there's scattered broken glass around. Another reason for beach shoes & not a beach blanket, but instead nice Beach Chairs.
  • There's a parking fee (get a yearly pass: save $$), about $8-10 per vehicle entry.
  • Yes, they have Rangers, but are they enforcing proper rules? Or instead sometimes hassling people about simple things. As they say, choose your battles. 
  • What's most important anyway? Do you think keeping the glass rule? Putting trash in bins? Do they have enough bins anyway & are the Rangers seeing that they're emptied? What is your pet-peeve about it?

FORT SUPPLY LAKE - Created from waters of Wolf Creek. Recreation areas managed by US Army Corps of Engineers. The lake has 1800 surface acres. Ample space for fishing & boating.

Plus nice star-gazing & a Visitor Center. 

You'll find sand dunes & a nice swimming beach on the eastern shore. No lifeguards, but swimming area designated by roped-buoys.

If you're camping there (elec/water sites too) lake swimming allowed from your campsite. For questions: 580-766-2701 or Contact Them>

Get There: Take N1930 Rd. south out of Fort Supply town.

CANTON LAKE - Created for flood control & water supply. Side benefit is recreation. 

You'll find the sandy beach may remind you a little of an ocean beach! It's got a gentle slope down toward the waves. And from your beach blanket you'll look out over a huge expanse of sparkling blue water.

Was that a whale that just spouted?!

Nah - just the speed boat wake - way out there!

Yes, the beach here is excellent. If you want to camp, tons of sites for you, with water/elec. A nice amenity is the Café overlooking the dam.

large sandy beachfront on a lakeCanton Lake's Sandy Beach
But The Swimming Buoys Have an Odd Placement, Don't They??

Call Army Corp of Engineers Office for questions: 580-886-2989

From Longdale, take Hwy.58S, make right onto Rt.58A to local lake roads.

GUTHRIE & LIBERTY LAKES2 -  The city of Guthrie manages two Oklahoma lakes with swimming beaches. Both with similar Lake Things To Do. Plus similar rules. That's why we're listing them together.

Summer season is April-Sept., hours: 6am-10pm.

Swimming at Liberty & Guthrie Lakes - All must stay either within the swimming beach &/or designated areas.

At Guthrie Lake Only: areas within 50' of the lakeshore are okay.

No swimming within 100' of boat ramps. There's other considerations, as well.

For kids 12 years & younger at the lake:

  • Must wear USCG approved life-vest.
  • Constant supervision required by someone 18/+ years old, whether in/out of water.

Long distance swimmers at the lake:

  • Same swimming areas listed above still apply
  • If under age 18, must use open-water PFDs. It's highly advised age 18+ do the same.
  • Must wear bright colored swim-cap or visible marker as a boater warning

Both Lakes offer Fishing, Boating & Camping. And there's enough lake acreage for water skiing.

Equestrians! Bring your horse for Liberty Lake's Eq-camping!

poster for finding oklahoma lakes with swimming beaches

Miscellaneous Good-To-Know Info:

Anyone under age 16 entering either lake park, must be with an adult 18/+ years old.

No off-road vehicles to operate inside the lake-parks.

Any equipment brought in cannot be unattended overnight, or it may be confiscated

Canned beer okay lakeside if covered by a koozie or similar. Other alcohol only allowed at campsites. 

Pets must be leashed, maximum 10 ft., & always attended. They're prohibited from swimming beaches, swim areas & playgrounds.

No fireworks. Firearms only if you're a validly licensed, concealed-carrier with ID & documentation.

Get There: I-35 Exit 151, turn west on Seward Rd.

  • Liberty Lake: Right on Academy, 1st left into Lake Park.
  • Guthrie Lake: Right on Coltrane Rd., until right entrance into Lake Park.

PERRY LAKE - 1st created for drinking water, now it's a back-up reservoir. Prime purpose changed to recreation.4 And that's fine with us, right?

Beach Area isn't typical. One mile of shoreline with lots of shore access.3 One way into the water is from a lakeside stone pavilion. The stone steps take you gradually into the lake. What's helpful to swimmers? Only trolling motor speeds allowed for boating in the lake.4

There's also fishing & camping.

Get There off I-35 Exit 185, go west on Independence Rd. Make left at Hwy.80, right at N3180 Rd. at Gunsmoke into park.

For questions, the City of Perry manages this park:3 580-572-9465 or  parks@cityofperryok.com

NW-OK State Parks

OK State Park invitations are very welcoming. You'll feel right at home, because of the hospitality they show you! You'll delight in the sandy beach.

GREAT SALT PLAINS LAKE - Half the ocean's saltiness! When you swim here in salt water at Sandy Beach in Salt Plains State Park. A cabin stay or bring your tent/RV.

Do you like doing what few have done? Dig for selenite crystals! Only U.S. place for it.

  • Directions: I-35 Exit 214, take Hwy.60W to Pond Creek. Make left onto Hwy.81W. At intersection of U.S.64W, continue straight to follow that to Jet. Make right at County Rd.38 to park. 580-626-4731

Northeast Oklahoma
Lakes With Swimming Beaches

SKIATOOK LAKE - Somewhat over 16 square miles of lake waters for your fun trips.

Tall Chief Cove Recreation Area has a delightful sandy beach for parking yourself on a lakeside swimming blanket. Really nice!

Clear water makes you comfortable swimming in it too! Some picnic & camping areas right along the lakeshore & they're suitable as swimming areas.

Planning to camp? May be wise to reserve your site at recreation.gov, since it's pretty popular. But well worth it.

Get There: Near Sperry OK. NW of Tulsa. From there, take Hwy.75N Rt.20. Exit at Skiatook, turning west onto Rt.20 Go about 15 miles. Turn left on Lake Rd., drive about 5 miles to the lake.

LAKE PONCA - With 2 arms, find Lake Ponca Park right where they attach!

A wonderful town park providing a swimming beach for you & its citizens. Parking area faces the beach.

The lakeshore beach is quite sandy, but there are some rough/rocky spots. You may want to have Beach/Water Shoes. In fact we recommend it! When you wade into the lake, it's definitely rougher.

Plenty of picnic & grassy areas. Plus a fun playground for the kids. Lots more to do here. A campground is nearby - 1st-come/1st-serve.

Get There: I-35 Exit 214, take Rt.60E, merging with Rt.177. At round-about take Bus.-60/Hwy.77 into Ponca City. It becomes N.14th St., turn right on Lake Rd. Left on Kygar Rd., then right on LACann Dr. into park. Cross lake bridge, make 1st left to beach parking.

Northeastern State Parks

Your eyes will brighten with all the choices at these state parks. The whole family will giggle & jump for joy when you tell them the lake swimming beach plans!

GRAND LAKE O' THE CHEROKEES - Holy mackerel, what a huge lake! Oh wait, no it's not mackerel [:-0], it's crappie - nicknamed the Crappie Capital of the World.

All the glimmering water here at one of the Best Lakes in Oklahoma! And of course it has a swimming beach at the Bernice Area of Grand Lake State Park.

The kids will especially thrill to the wildlife feeding area & 2 playgrounds.

Reservable tent sites. Or RV campsites with water/electric.

  • Get There: Off I-44 Exit 289, take Rt.60/69E (historic Rt.66). At intersection of Hwy.85, turn right. 
  • Continue straight onto Hwy. 85A at that intersection, through Bernice, crossing the bridge to the park. 
  • 918-257-8330 or 918-786-9447

LAKE TENKILLER - This lake, named after a Cherokee Nation family, began covering over the town of Cookson when the dam was completed in 1952.1

You can enjoy one part of it near its North End by staying at Cherokee Landing State Park

  • Kids will love digging in the sand at this Oklahoma lake with a swimming beach! They'll enjoy the playground too!
  • RV sites have electric/water. Primitive tenting, also. Plenty of nice picnic spots.
  • Have a boat? You'll love their ramp. And the fishing is excellent. 
  • Get There: Take I-40 Exit 247 & go North on Hwy.82 (Thornton St.). At intersection of Hwy.100, follow 82 where it makes a right, leading to the park.

The Southern end's choice is Tenkiller State Park. Following above directions, at Hwy.100 make a left arriving to park, after Gore.

  • The swimming beach is at Fisherman's Point.
  • What's also "cool" (kinda literally too!) is the scuba diving here. The sparkling clear waters let you dive to explore an airplane, helicopter, a school bus & 2 sunken boats.
  •  Reservations Required: 10 Campgrounds throughout. 6 for tenting, lakeside! 4 for RVs - 2 have electric/water, 2 have full hook-ups. 38 cabins can be rented too. 
  • Email: tenkillercabins@travelok.com

FORT GIBSON LAKE - It's got 225 miles of shoreline. So it must be an Oklahoma lake with a swimming beach, right? Yes it is!

Stay awhile at Sequoyah State Park. On the lake's east-side.

Take your RV to their electric/water sites; many have full hook-ups. With nice lakeside tent sites also.

  • If you don't like "roughing it" try their splendid lodge. With a restaurant. Choose a room or cottage. Booking inquiries: sequoyahlodge@travelok.com
  • You won't run out of things to do. For starters: rec-room, horseshoes, tennis & basketball courts, playgrounds & golfing. More details: 918-772-2046

Then there's Sequoyah Bay State Park. Smaller, on the western shore & a bit further south. Not quite as developed, but still enough amenities. We'll show you!

  • The beach, though? It's alright. Recommend Beach Shoes, depending on your chosen spot. Many places for shore access, with "On Your Own" swimming. 
  • But official swimming's at the Chief Opothle-Yahold camping area. Some sandy beach, but lots of rocky areas too. Trees growing into the shoreline.
  • Plenty more to do with kids. Golf-cart rentals can get you around the park. They'll love that. Rentals at the marina: water-trikes, kayaks & more. There's the nature center, & horseback riding at Seqoyah Stables.
  • You want to golf? OK! And rather eat out? There's Foggy Bottom for food, & sometimes entertainment.
  • Stay over by camping: tent or RV style. Or their cabins & motel. 918-772-2046 or sequoyahbay@travelok.com

GREENLEAF LAKE - Greenleaf State Park here's a fun place to bring the kids for numerous reasons. In particular, the beach. Adjacent to the Lakeview Campground.

Yet also a splash pad, miniature golf & the discovery center. And if they're 16 years old or younger, they can fish in a pond just for them - No Charge & No License! So much to do, you surely won't get bored!

The lake has all kinds of craft rentals. You can stay in tent/RV sites or at a unique/historic stone cabin. Built during the Great Depression by the WPA.

For inquiries call 918-487-5622 or email: greenleafcabins@travelok.com

KEYSTONE LAKE - Not far from Tulsa, there's lots packed into Keystone State Park to make a weekend or a vacation. 918-865-4991.

If you're looking for an Oklahoma lake with a swimming beach, this is pretty good. The water's a bit murky, depending on stirring by river inflow. 

If you're here taking the kids swimming, keep in mind there's the Children's Pond for fishing. Plus playgrounds.

The shore has some agreeable sandy spots, but most of it's kinda stony. And the water's swim area bottom is rocky, too.

Unless you're a star graduate of "Naked & Afraid" we recommend bringing Beach Shoes!!

Get to the Swimming Beach area by turning into the park on the main Keystone State Park Road. Head toward Pier 51 Marina, but bypass that turn, continue straight where you'll see a right turn-off to shore access (not official entry, you'd have to walk in).

Continue straight instead to a parking area. Or continue a bit farther to a right turn-off to more parking & rest-room for access to the better beach areas.

To The Park Swimming - West from Tulsa on Rt.412 (Sand Springs Expressway), exit south on Hwy.151. Take 2nd park entry right turn.

Oklahoma Lakes With Swimming Beaches
The Southwest

Yes, the Southwest - that rings a bell! We're always looking at the Southwest for locating superb lakes for camping.

But we're adding in the best Oklahoma lakes with swimming beaches now! So we can show everyone who visits our site where you may want to get to, as well.

So here's the Southwest of Oklahoma! With lake swimming beaches just waiting for you...

ELK CITY LAKE - Here's an Oklahoma lake with a swimming beach not far south of I-40.

Yes just over the Texas border getting to Elk City. This pleasant city park has a beach area made just for park goers who want to take a dip in the 250-acre lake.

After drying off, maybe you'd like to picnic?

And then play some Disc Golf. They have that, 18 tries!

  • Not sure about how to play? Easy-Peasy, all you need To Know Here>

There's also a kid's playground if you have younger ones.

Boating (2 ramps), & fishing (stocked) + dock. Trails for hiking, mountain bikes & horses. 

Traveling via tenting/RV & need to stop for a break? Excellent stop-over with 5 electric/water sites. 1st-come/1st-serve.

Directions: I-40 Exit 38 onto Hwy.6-South (Main St.). Right on W.Lakeview Rd.(E.1130), then left on S.Washington, right on D1137 Rd. into park. City Hall can answer your questions: 580-225-3230.

CROWDER LAKE - 158 acres of lake acreage includes swimming.

Since 1997 this lake & adjacent Crowder Lake University Park was changed from a state park. Now managed by Southwestern Oklahoma State University, it's just south of their campus.

Doesn't exactly have a typical swimming beach.

But picnicking areas are grassy down to the shoreline & swimming is easily accessed from there. So can we call it a grassy beach? What do you think?

Another benefit for boating: ONLY NO-WAKE. That is great for swimmers too, especially the little tykes.

Has a 2-lane boat ramp & a fishing dock. Love fishing? It's got OK Wildlife Department Trophy Bass Lake Designation.

Has a no-reservation campground with some electric/water hook-ups. Dump-station also.

Pretty secure location. 

Get There from I-40 Exit 80S, Hwy.54 about 7 miles, turn left at E1100 Rd., then right at N2410 Rd., right on E1110 Rd. into park.

LAKE LAWTONKA - Just outside of Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Area, with arresting views of Mt.Scott while swimming. This Oklahoma lake with a swimming beach has lots of perks.

What you'll probably like best is the sandy beach which is quite delightful! Find your beach-blanket spot or set up your Beach Chair at the Lawtonka Day Use Beach & Picnic Area. 

Directions: I-44N out of Lawton, Exit 45 onto Hwy.49W. Right onto Hwy.58. Make left into Lake Lawtonka Recreation Area & immediate right straight toward day use picnicking/swimming beach. 

OK Southwestern State Parks

Welcome to the great Southwest of Oklahoma, where some fantastic state parks await you. Those with lakes are especially fabulous, because of their cooling swimming beaches.

TOM STEED LAKE - Relax on this Oklahoma lake with a swimming beach. Do you love a lakeside with a mountain view? We sure do, so this is it!

Peer through your sunglasses, you can't miss the peaks of the Wichita Mountains. Then set up your Sun Shade on the beach & go take a dip.

What fun you'll have. And the kids, too. Who'll enjoy the playground afterwards.

Two campgrounds, tents & RVs welcome at Great Plains State Park.

Scattered ponds attract wildlife. All kinds of boating. If you're into fishing, you'll love this one!

Why not plan a trip. These Directions will get you there. 

LAKE ALTUS-LUGERT - You'll love swimming here, relaxing while viewing the Wichita Mountains behind the glimmering lake.

Quartz Mountain State Park has swim areas, depending on your lake plans.

Swimming Beach at Eagle Roost - You'll need a $2 Wrist Band for ages over 10.

  • Farthest along the lake's north shore.
  • Influenced by sand dunes, most of the beach is nice & sandy. Alright!
  • It's the ATV area. If that's bothersome to you, probably not a good choice.

Lakeview Campground Beach

  • Nice sandy beach aside the boat ramp. Alternate side much rockier (don't forget the Water Shoes).
  • You probably should call park for access updates: 580-563-2238 or 580-563-9286. It may be closed.

Campground sites are basic or with hook-ups. You may prefer a lodge room or cabin on the lake's west side. Booking inquiries, email: QMSL@travelok.com

FORT COBB LAKE - Less than 1-1/2 hour drive southwest of Oklahoma City.

Recommend visiting this 4000 acre lake at Fort Cobb State Park. Online reservations are needed for cabins, basic tent sites or RV hook-up sites.

Caddo Hill Campground has the beach. You'll love its sandy areas. But grassy spots surrounding it may have ants & burrs. So take care for that. Also not much shade, you'll want to have enough sunblock. And something to Make Your Own Shade.

Contact them: 405-643-2249 or fortcobbstatepark@travelok.com

Southeastern Oklahoma Lakes
With Swimming Beaches

CEDAR LAKE - Visiting here in Ouachita National Forest,2 will satisfy your urge for an Oklahoma Lake with a swimming beach!

boat chugs across a lake with a wooded shore in a vintage photoCedar Lake from Vintage Days

The recreation area (918-653-2991) has a lakeside loop trail just under 3 miles long. You'd trek right by "Sandy Beach" at the same named Campground.

Another swimming area is adjacent to the parking lot for Horsethief Springs Trail.

Lake boating motors allowed, but only up to 7-1/2 h.p. Better for the kids' swimming, as the lake is somewhat small at 76 acres.

If you'll camp overnight, there's basic sites + electric/water hook-ups. You can reserve at recreation.gov

Directions: I-40 Exit 308, take Rt.59S, following when it makes turns going toward Poteau. Continue to Heavener. 10 miles south turn right onto Holson Valley Rd., in about 2-1/2 miles, turn right on Cedar Lake Rd. & travel 1 mile to park. 

State Park Lakes

You'll feel the warmth of a welcome at OK State Parks. You can't go wrong with an Oklahoma lake with a swimming beach all prepped for you there!

CARLTON LAKE - In Robbers Cave State Park. The clean, sparkling water puts you at ease.

Nice beach & a dock.

Summertime paddleboat/canoe rentals add to family fun. Boating max speed is 6mph, so swimming kids won't scare with those speed boats!

The park has all you need for a trip: lodge, campsites, cabins.

Adding to excitement after you've dried off: the cave was a hideout for outlaws Jesse James & Belle Star!

  • Get There: In Wilburton OK. From McAlester OK, take Rt.270E, then Hwy.2N out of Wilburton. 
  • More details: robberscave@travelok.com OR 918-465-2562 or 918-465-1162

LAKE EUFAULA - With the largest lake acreage of any man made Oklahoma lakes, your swimming beach awaits you.

sandy beach on a lake with people in the water adjacent to a couple boats with rangers at the helmUS Army Corps of Engineers & Park Deputy teach Water & Boat Safety at Lake Eufala

Check it out at Arrowhead State Park which has something for everyone! Including you!

  • Golfing, ramps for boaters, plenty of Catch-em Good Lake Fishing, excellent hiking & a fun playground. 
  • The marina includes a restaurant, and the swimming beach is nearby.
  • Reserve an RV or Tent Site & stay over. The best way to enjoy it all! 
  • To get there, I-40 Exit 264A/B to Rt.69S. Exit at Hwy.150W taking you into the park.

Then you may prefer Lake Eufaula State Park because of the naturalist program for kids (& adults!). 918-689-5311

  • You'll enjoy this one for its super sandy Oklahoma lake with a swimming beach! Gradual drop-offs into the lake, nice for your kids. 
  • Hummingbird Beach has a big beach area. On the turn just past the Visitor Center. That's where some Yurts are (wanna Stay In One?).
  • Deep Fork Campground has its own swimming beach. It's "Swim at Your Own Risk" as they all usually are. 

LAKE THUNDERBIRD - Lots for you at this large OK reservoir. It's got two swimming beaches within Lake Thunderbird State Park alone!

large lake with a weedy foreshore

That's the spot for tons of campsites, 30 have full hook-ups. 

During your stay don't miss the Discovery Cove Nature Center. They can help you find fabulous places to sight Bald Eagles!

Try one of the trails, for all types of trekkers. There's an archery range, a playground for the kids & boating. In fact if you bring your boat, there are 2 marinas & 9 boat ramps! And of course fishing!

Get There: Out of Norman OK, take Alameda St. east, then onto Alameda Drive to the park. 405-360-3572.

CLAYTON LAKE - Smaller than some we've been to, with 80 surface acres. Still worth it for the great swimming beach in Clayton Lake State Park. What's terrific, especially for kids, is all boats must stay at "no-wake" speeds. Bring your kayak!

Plus if you're looking for bigger action - check out nearby Sardis Lake.

3 campground options for reservations or go 1st-come/1st-serve. Cabins also. Electric/water RV sites available. Picnicking, playground, boating & fishing. 

Off Hwy.271, South of Clayton OK. 918-569-7981

LAKE MURRAY - Just east of I-35, south of Ardmore off Rt.70, surrounded by Lake Murray State Park. That's your best bet for enjoying this Oklahoma lake with a swimming beach.

Find the beaches near the marina at Buzzard's Roost, at Martin's Landing Campground (tenting & RVs), at Sunset Beach on the narrow eastern arm & at Tipps Point Campground (RVs & tents). 

There's much more to be said for Lake Murray. Something for all the family:

  • Kid's programs, playgrounds, seeing wildlife, flying model aircraft
  • Fishing, boating & waterskiing, golf, horseback riding, ATV trails
  • Hiking, tennis/volleyball, pool, marina, picnicking

You've heard of taking a vacation from your vacation? Save some relaxation time if you come here!

More details at 580-223-4044 or lakemurrayresort@travelok.com

BROKEN BOW LAKE - Beavers Bend State Park has nice spots for a great time. Like the swimming beach in the Hochatown Area of the park.

Recommending it: You can rent kayaks or paddle boards. There's also a couple of tenting campgrounds right there.

The beach is a bit rocky most places. So bring your Beach Shoes! It's in a Cove south of Lakeview Lodge.

Take Stephens Gap Rd. off Rt.259, then swing right on E1965 to a left on Coyote Dr. More info: 580-494-6300 or 580-494-6538

calm lake with a wooded shorelineJust One Section of Beautiful Broken Bow Lake

McGEE CREEK RESERVOIR - Has 64 shoreline miles on this man-made Oklahoma lake with a swimming beach. You'll find it in Buster Hight. The playground & fishing pier is there too.

If you have an RV, those sites have hook-ups. You must Reserve Them.

The swimming beach is fairly sandy. Not huge, but pretty nice. A bit downhill from the parking area. A stairway takes you to it.

Get There: Buster Hight is at the southeast arm of the lake. From Atoka OK, take Hwy.3, then left onto McGee Creek Lake Rd. to the swimming beach area.

LAKE TEXOMA - This huge lake is right on the Texas border, as you probably figured out! In Oklahoma though, it's got a state park with a swimming beach: 

  • Lake Texoma State Park
  • 580-564-2566 or texomastpk@travelok.com

Famed for having Fishing Guides available, for your own personalized fishing trip. Sure to Catch Your Bass that way!

But the swimming beach? It's at Ben's Campground. Mostly nice sandy areas. The area from the start of the beach sand to the shoreline isn't very large. Some places the grassiness goes almost to the water.

Generally recommend Lawn/Beach Chairs rather than beach blankets.

The campground has all site types. Reservations needed.

Get There: From I-35 Exit 29 take Rt.70 passing Antioch & Oakland. Then 70 curves right toward Madill. Continue thru Kingston. Watch for park entrance on right. To Texoma Park Rd. to Park Area 500.

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