Natural Hot Springs Colorado

Definitely come to natural hot springs, Colorado specialty! Why? It's a geological given that here you'll find plenty of natural hot springs. The state has those physical properties just right for it!

There are 93 currently recognized geothermally specified areas in Colorado, that have been discovered and documented. Geologically. They're technically classified as warm springs or low temperature.1

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That category means the waters flow to the surface at temperatures that haven't reached boiling level. This enables these areas to be used for a variety of reasons.1

But here, in particular, we're focusing on the soothing hot springs bathing, or soaking, that we look for in Colorado. What a place to regenerate!

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Natural Hot Springs in Colorado


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Natural Hot Springs Near Colorado Springs

Exactly to the west of the Colorado Springs city line is the historic community of Manitou Springs. But we've heard from local hot-tub dealers that within Colorado Springs itself, there aren't any actual flowing natural hot springs!

But for sure, Manitou Springs is right outside the city. There you'll find several hot springs that flow upward from geothermal underground sources. For instance, here's a nice one:

7 Minute Spring - Back in the days of immigration throughout the West in the 1800s, it emitted a fountainhead rush into the air, every 7 minutes like clockwork! It was made into a tourist attraction attached to the Manitou House Hotel. Today it's within a beautiful area, renewed and reestablished as 7 Minute Park.

Natural Hot Springs Manitou Springs

All 8 springs in town are supported by a non-profit foundation, run by volunteers. They promote a specific mission, which is to: "restore, protect, and publicize the natural mineral springs and to document their historic origins.”2

You've already taken a look at 7 Minute Spring above, right? Here are the others:

Shoshone Spring - This spring is sourced from a large aquifer section. The mineral content is the highest of the area, and the waters surface as the warmest of them all. The waters leave travertine deposits at their portal.

Navajo Spring - Historically, Native Americans used this area frequently because its waters naturally pooled here into a small lake. 

Cheyenne Spring - Another with notable historical roots. It was the primary attraction in the 1870s at Soda Spring Park. By 1900 the Manitou Mineral Water Company built a spring house over its surface, adjacent to its outlet. Still there today.

Cheyenne Springs and sitting bench

Wheeler Spring - Historically it sent a cascade upwards regularly. Now it's regulated through a fountain spout from which your own containers can be filled.

Stratton Spring - Stratton's Loop in downtown Manitou Springs is a historic trolley stop. In 1936, a well was drilled to reach the aquifer at the former stop. Find it at the SE corner of Manitou & Ruxton.

Iron Spring - Adjacent to Ruxton Creek which is named for an area explorer in the 1800s. A nearby plaque tells the story of this Natural Hot Springs in Colorado.

Although none of these are springs where you can go for a nice relaxing bath soak, their interest is historic. There is one hot spring soaking day-spa: SunWater Spa> However, you have several nearby places we can recommend that have calming stays:

The Cliff House> OR Pikes Peak Inn>

See These Natural Hot Springs - Get A Self-Guided Walking Tour

The Natural Hot Springs Map>


Get with a Guided Tour from Foundation Volunteers. To schedule that, call 719-685-5089. You'll be walking quite a bit, so wear your good walking shoes. Have your water container to sample the various spring's tastes!

Natural Hot Springs Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs is in the Southwest part of the state of Colorado. Even though known for its natural hot springs in Colorado & beyond, it has many recreational activities keeping you happy year-round. Still a stunning part of the state, that you don't want to miss!

Pagosa Springs ColoradoAfter Your Day of Horse-back Riding There's Nothing Like a Soak in a Hot Spring!

The source of the area's hot spring is said to be a geothermal feature that's the deepest in the world. It's even listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.3 That makes for some nicely heated waters! Which in town flows into some resorts.

Another advantage to checking out this particular natural hot springs in Colorado, is the town has created side hot spring pools adjacent to the San Juan River Walk. Take that walk, and you'll see the hot springs are free to take advantage of! Nice!

The best time for them is approximately between late August through December. That's usually when the river isn't yet experiencing snow runoff, which can inundate the pools.

Natural Hot Springs
Area Resorts With Accommodation

Why not plan an entire vacation around this stunning hot springs area. We think you'll be happy you did. Here are some of our suggestions:

  • Your Own Personal Resort - Fantastic views & total comfort. Deck overlooks the San Juan River. Free town hot-springs are right up the road. Book Your Stay>
  • Healing Waters Resort & Spa - Heated outdoor spring-fed pool & an outdoor hot tub. Two indoor bath houses with a hot-spring bath with sauna steam rooms, segregated by gender. All told there are 4 soaking pools. And all are included in the price of your room stay. Check It Out>
  • Nightingale Motel - Excellent place to stay, with its own bar. Plus walking distance to all that you need in town, including the spas for soaking. Quite economical too! Wanna See?
  • River Walk Inn - Breakfast included, plus there's the spa! It has a hot tub/jacuzzi plus a steam room. Then relax in the lounge area to cool down! Get Your Room Choice Here>

Find Natural Hot Springs by Hiking

Would you like to leave the resorts behind? And take a nice hike to arrive at a serene natural hot spring in Colorado, where you can truly be out of the way. And enjoy the surroundings as nature intended? Please use hiking precautions.

Here are some places to investigate...


Glenwood Springs - South Canyon Hot Springs. Only 1/10 mile to get there on this trail just outside town.

  • If you need a hiking pal, don't take the 4-legged type - dogs are prohibited. But it's a fun hike for the kids (but caution because nudity possible). 
  • Trouble is, unless someone has taken care to do something, it's possibly trashed. You can try it to see. 
  • Exit 111 off I-70, take Hwy.134, cross S.Canyon Bridge over Colorado. Continue south to pull-off parking on right.

Villa Grove - Valley View Hot Springs. About 50 miles north of Alamosa.

  • Located within 2200 acres of private, protected land of The Orient Land Trust. As such, they require reservations. They are a true wilderness natural hot spring in a Colorado valley surrounded by mountain peaks. 
  • There are multiple Types of Accommodations, from tenting to roomy cabins. And from day use to membership options, too.


Kremmling - Radium Hot Springs. Less than 1 mile to arrive.

  • But it's downhill alongside the Colorado River. So of course out is steeply back uphill. 
  • In spring, with snowmelt, the river may overflow into this small hot spring, cooling the hot temp down. A rock containment is there, but can't always block the flow! 
  • A problem is not lots of parking. But camping nearby. 
  • From Bond, take Hwy.131S, left on Rt.1/Trough Rd. Watch for left turn onto rough road in 44 miles.

Bayfield - Sheep Creek Hot Spring in SW Colorado.

  • In San Juan National Forest, around 1-1/2 miles in. 
  • It's a dog-friendly trail, horseback riding here too. 
  • Seasonal closures can restrict access. Downhill switchbacks for this moderate hike condition.
  • Take Hwy.160 into Piedra. Left on Forest Service Rd.622/Rt.166. In 6-1/2 miles watch for left turn-off to trailhead parking.

White River National Forest, 9 miles East of Glenwood Springs - Hanging Lake Trail.

  • Even though it's not a natural hot springs, this Colorado lake is really special. Formed similarly to hot springs, though. 
  • If Staying in Glenwood Springs & looking to hike, we recommend it. See Why>
Hanging Lake waterfallStunning Waterfall Into Hanging Lake

More Natural Hot Springs of Colorado

As we've seen Colorado is a "wellspring" of natural hot springs because of its geological geothermal conditions. So many towns and areas throughout the state beckon you for a dreamy soak.

Florence - Desert Reef. A bit more than 40 miles NW of Pueblo, this small town has unique offerings if you decide to stay over a few days.

  • At 1194 County Rd. 110, call for updates (as facility requirements are in flux): 719-784-6134
  • Best to reserve your place, but not required. Clothing-optional related to history, with certain specifications. Stays provided in airstreams with private pools.
  • Water temps hover at 100oF, slightly cooler in summer.

Redstone - Avalanche Ranch Hot Springs. With 3 sequenced terraced pools, this clothing-required resort has cabins for a family-friendly stay. Mountain & valley views at this gorgeous place. About 30 miles southwest of Glenwood Springs, inquire for reservations:

Natural Hot Springs - Glenwood Springs Colorado

Glenwood has been famous for a long, long time for its hot springs. Even Old West gunfighter Doc Holliday went there for relief of his suffering from "consumption" (tuberculosis). [But he did die there! Too far gone!!] You can find relief yourself in its many natural hot springs.

GLENWOOD HOT SPRINGS POOL RESORT - The most historic resort in town.

  • Soak in the world's largest hot spring pool sourced with 15 minerals swirling around your pores. 100x405 ft., it contains 1,071,000 gallons heated to 90oF. 
  • Additionally there's a smaller therapy pool, heated to 104oF.
  • Choose Your Best Stay Options>
Vintage Hotel Glenwood Springs PostcardVintage Glenwood Springs Hot Springs Hotel Postcard

IRON MOUNTAIN HOT SPRINGS - Their geothermally three sources are Gamba, Hobo & CDOT springs. Day use facility, 3-hour session timing.

  • Family soaking pool area has large 70x35 ft., at 95oF, suitable for kids. What's very cool (or hot!) is that just above & adjacent is another smaller pool, heated >100oF. This way parents can soak there, while overseeing their youngers.
  • 16 small pools in another area are connected by heated pathways (great for wintertime!). No kids under 5, 5-13 must be with an adult. Note: these aren't private pools.
  • What's nice also is the poolside café & their new Experience Pool. Hours: 9am-10pm every day. Location: 281 Centennial St. 970-945-4766

Here's an Excellent Nearby Stay - Just a Few Blocks Away>

Ouray Colorado Area Natural Hot Springs

Ouray Colorado From AboveViewing Ouray When Approaching From the South

Hearing Ouray's nickname: "the Switzerland of America" can set your imagination going before you arrive! As you begin driving from the south, and get that first glimpse - it's almost like seeing a version of Shangri-La!

Think of the Colorado scenic views you'll get while enjoying a sumptuous, restful soak in an area natural hot spring. We'll show you those we enjoy knowing.

WIESBADEN HOT SPRINGS SPA - Continuously flowing waters averaging 105oF will soothe your muscles in their experience choices:

  • Vapor Cave - How unique! Within the mountainside, it has several compartments. The first you enter has the cool spring water - only 78oF. But the 2nd emanates from subterranean hot springs flowing at 108oF average into a three ft. deep pool. Perfect for the Nordic type of hot then cool dip! 
  • Outdoor Pool - Views of the San Juan Mountains warm your heart as your muscles warm in these 99-102oF waters.
  • The Lorelei - Private waterfall-fed pool located outdoors. Hourly rates for ages over 5 years usage. Nice of them to allow a small plastic pool alongside for your kids under 6, so they have their own place, while you soak.
  • The also offer Spa Treatments & a variety of accommodations.
  • Located right in Ouray, at 625 5th St. 970-325-4347

And More Options

Twin Peaks Lodge with Hot Springs>

4 Hot Spring Pools at Box Canyon Lodge

Feel the History - Plus Sauna & Soak

Top Value Close To Weisbaden Spa>

OURAY HOT SPRINGS POOL - The city maintains this spring fed pool for day use. Some areas closed in off-season. Located at 1220 Main St., 970-325-7073. Many choices for your own preference!

  • Shallow Pool - Very kid friendly, to 42 inches deep. Children under 7 need 13 year-old/+ arms-length supervision at all times. Temp averages 95oF.
  • Hot Pool - To 3 ft. deep, featuring curving cove architecture for sectioned semi-private areas. Temp from 100-106oF.
  • The Overlook - Best mountains views in 2 undulating-edged pools with infinity waterfall between. Temp up to 106oF. Calm atmosphere, for those age 18/+.
  • Lap Pool - Specialty area with lanes specifically for lap swimming. ADA compliant. If under age 13, swim test must be passed to enter.
  • Activity Pool - Fun area with an obstacle course & climbing wall. Water temp ranges 78-82oF. From 2 ft. deep up to almost 8 ft. Under 13 years old must pass swim test. Under 7 years must stay in arms-length of 13/+ year-old.
  • Water Slides - Minimum height of 4 ft. to choose Curving Body or Speed Slide! OR Mellow Yellow available for under 4' if deep water test passed. Catch pool averages 80oF. Following slide rules mandatory.

How about a Stay in a Private Apartment - RIGHT NEARBY THIS HOT SPRINGS POOL!

ORVIS HOT SPRINGS - Only about 9 miles from Ouray. Clothing-optional for outdoor soaks & sauna. Covering required in main building halls. You can camp, or stay in one of 6 themed away-from-it-all rooms. There's a community kitchen for use. More adult-oriented. No children under 3 years, those 3-17 must always be with an adult.

  • The spring waters are known for the lithium, although 6 other minerals will swish around your body. They have numerous pool choices, with varying temperatures.
  • Located at 1585 County Rd.3 in Ridgway. Contact: 970-626-5324 or

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