Natural Hot Springs

You'll find natural hot springs throughout the U.S. But the Southwestern states have some really fantastic places. Because of locations near volcanic & subsurface geologic features.

Fabulous soaking spots for chillier areas or times of the day or year can be found in the Southwest USA. And they're ideal anytime! For wonderful healthful methods to heat-soak your muscles into restoration.

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Surf on down through these all these states for a lookie-look decision. Or choose your favorite location for a nice natural hot spring pool: Jump To It -

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What are natural hot springs? Waters rise up & gather on a land surface because of specific geological conditions. From the sources of these subsurface waters, the water temperature is higher than typical lake waters. 

Often the land surface they gather on is basin-like, enabling a small type of naturally heated lake. A kind of soothing mini-lake.

Other times the natural hot spring spurts to the surface, streaming off. But then it may be captured by a facility which uses it for specific purposes. It may be a wilderness area, a public park, or a commercial enterprise.

Where are natural hot springs? These types of areas are found throughout the world. As well as throughout the US.

Where are Natural Hot Springs in the Southwest USA? We'll show you.

hot spring soak

Natural Hot Springs Colorado

Colorado has many residual effects from dormant volcanoes. Plus the subsurface karst aquifers.

Common for US water sources, karst aquifers are located within porous types of underground rock structures. Usually limestone & dolomite. Seeping water creates tunneling, which can reach surfaces. The waters are under some pressure, plus become naturally carbonated from minerals. Enabling geyser effects.1,2

Natural Hot Springs Near Colorado Springs

colorado springs entry sign

Manitou Springs is the closest town with natural hot springs near to Colorado Springs.1 The Tava Mountain foothills of the area sit atop a karst aquifer.

This spring flows into the SunWater Spa resort (great reviews/mountain views - make a reservation: 719-695-7007), as their natural hot spring water source:1

7 Minute Spring - Named for its origins, when it spouted a geyser each 7 minutes. Historically part of the Manitou House Hotel.

It's now been restored as the 7 Minute Park.

Natural Hot Springs Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs has eight natural hot springs throughout this scenic town. Each one has its attractiveness & unique aspects. Of course how you view each of them, depends on your personal preference. 

TRIBALLY NAMED - Some are named for traditional tribal nations, which historically used these springs. You'd note there are Shoshone, Navajo and Cheyenne Spring.

HISTORICALLY NAMED - The other springs within Manitou Springs are named for more recent history - relatively speaking, that is. For instance Wheeler is named for the man who opened the first bank in town in the 1850s. Stratton is named for a prominent area miner, who also originated the local trolley line.

DESCRIPTIVELY NAMED - Others are named simply for their characteristics. Iron Spring was early on recognized for its particularly high iron content. Twin was called for its two water sources which then blended into the one.

There's a lot more to Be Said about all of these wonderful spring-waters in the Colorado Springs vicinity!

Natural Hot Springs Pagosa Springs

The Native American Ute Tribe historically used this natural hot spring. In their language "Pagosa" means healing waters.

When white settlers arrived via the army, their physician documented its medicinal qualities.

Today there are several ways you can get into these healing waters for yourself. Luxuriate in a healthful manner.

Why Not Stay A Bit?

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Or if traveling through - take a Relaxing Break:

Overlook Hot Springs - Open 9am-10pm. Beer/wine served. Quietest times early, until about 3pm. Then gradually gets more crowded.

Wonderful views, great massages if desired, indoor or outdoor soaking hot spring tubs. Victorian aura. Very clean, with excellent reviews. More info at 970-264-4040.

Nathan's Hippy Dippy Hot Springs - Free park area along Hot Springs Blvd with parking. Changing area available too. Small natural hot springs pool for your soak. Adjacent to the San Juan River.

Pool bottom is sandy, but has small pebbles - you may want Water Shoes. You'll see a PVC sourcing the spring water into the pool.

Natural Hot Springs Resorts With Accommodation
Pagosa Springs

Healing Waters Resort & Spa - Family owned since 1950.

Book their Healing Waters Here>

Local Resort Villa Stay Has Hot Springs Spa - Top end comfort & style here. Plus your own private quarters. Add on the spa treatment by scheduling your hot spring bath & massage.

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Find Natural Hot Springs by Hiking
From Pagosa Springs Colorado Area

Find even more Colorado Natural Hot Springs near Pagosa, if you'd like some exercise! Try these hikes:

Rainbow Hot Springs - 25 Miles out from Pagosa Springs. Then hike 5+ miles through Weminuche Wilderness to West Fork of the San Juan River.

Use the Rainbow/West Fork CG trailhead, start between Sites 6 & 7. Not the easiest. But gorgeous scenery. Believe you'll feel it's worth it when you arrive.

Not recommended for beginners. Bring lots of water, allow enough time - start early. Small spring area for soaking. Then a cool-down by jumping into the icy cold river!

Get There: Hwy.160N out of Pagosa, left on Rt.648 to campground.

Places To Stay Along the Way:

SUNFLOWER LODGE has plenty of room for everyone. Cabin style, overlooking the San Juan River. Plus mountain views. Secluded, with tons of natural light. About midway between Pagosa town & 648 turn-off. Check It Out Here>

SAN JUAN RIVER HOUSE is a bit more compact with stunning views from upper & lower decks. And even a riverside gathering spot with a warming firepit. Check For Your Date Options>

Natural Hot Springs CA

California has numerous natural hot springs.

They even have a village called Natural Hot Springs in Southern California. It has a Hot Spring RV Campground & Resort.

Tenting camping can be had a bit down the road, along Deer Creek. There's also cabin rentals a bit up the road.

See the many Natural Hot Springs that

California Offers!

Follow on down to view:

California Hot Spring poster

Natural Hot Springs Northern CA

California's placement along the Ring of Fire gives "birth" to many natural hot springs. Some are only for gazing on their awesomeness. Like those in the Lassen Park area.

But others can be gotten into for a relaxing soak. Let's go soak in some!

ROMAN SPA HOT SPRING RESORT - In Calistoga, only 1 block to downtown & all that it offers. Per its name, Tuscan styling surrounds you.

Spa treatments offer geothermal spring waters, plus volcanic ash mud baths. Choose a package you'll find Available, plus many more options.

SYKES HOT SPRINGS - Effort required! Big Sur is the attraction for a 10-mile hike. To find 3 wonderful hillside pools. Trail begins at the Big Sur Ranger Station. Interested?

Natural Hot Springs Southern California

PAMPERED IN A SKY RISE - If you're going to Stay In LA, this is a fabulous choice!

First off, they have a Wellness Section where you can treat yourself. It has a hot spring bath, plus spa options center & a hot tub.

Then there are other stay amenities, not so easy to find in this busy city. Like free parking, Travel Sustainability, affordable value & so much more.

Why not Book It Now>

Natural Hot Springs Palm Springs Area

Desert Hot Springs California retro postcardVintage Postcard Talking Up Desert Hot Springs, California

Why do we say Palm Springs area? Why is it called Palm Springs? Are there actually any hot springs there?

Not in a general public area. There is only one. It's called Agua Caliente Hot Spring, and it's on local tribal lands of the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians. It has much historical meaning to them, and has had many transitions, including one underway today.4

Thus people are generally instead directed to the adjacent town with many flowing natural hot springs: Desert Hot Springs.

AQUA SOLEIL HOTEL AND MINERAL WATER POOL - In Desert Hot Springs, 10 minutes from Palm Springs.

They use city sourced mineral hot springs to fill three pools for visitors. For all your relaxation needs, add in a soothing facial or revitalizing massage!

You can choose to Stay in a Suite, and enjoy your huge in-room jetted pool, fed with those same mineral spring waters.

Natural Hot Springs Near Joshua Tree

Want to see Joshua Tree National Park, yet be nearby a natural hot springs? There are a few places to try.

Again, it's the town of Desert Hot Springs which provides the best Joshua Tree National Park access. While also being able to have time for a healthy mineral soak.

AZURE PALM HOT SPRINGS - Stay Over or come for the day. It's a 45 minute drive from this resort to the park. One of the closest. The resort itself is quite close to the historical beginnings of Desert Hot Springs first hot spring well, dug by homesteader Cabot Yerxa. Now resourced to their pools, spas & individual tubs.

Natural Hot Springs in AZ

EL DORADO HOT SPRINGS - Very basic, or maybe call it rustic - & low-cost. It's in the Tonopah area. Not far off I-10 Exit 94.

Private areas for charging by the hour: must reserve (623-386-5412), for suited up or au-natural. Or nude-only communal for hourly or all-day rate.

See it all for yourself:

Natural Hot Springs New Mexico

There is quite a bit of geothermal subservice activity giving New Mexico many natural hot springs. Let's see where we can find them.

SPENCE HOT SPRINGS - In Santa Fe National Forest. Lots of usage here, since it's only a short hike. And so sadly, many don't follow the considerate principle of Leave No Trace.

But you may want to Try It. Maybe to improve it!

JEMEZ HOT SPRINGS - 1st Come/1st Served, Private day soak. Get away from it all here, but still in a nice little artsy, historic village.

For years it was called "Giggling Springs." Come See if it will have you giggling! 575-829-9175.

Directions: North of Albuquerque, I-25 exit 242, take Hwy.550W. Nearing San Ysidro, bear right onto Hwy.4, until in Jemez Springs left on Abousleman Loop.

Natural Hot Springs Santa Fe & Taos Area

The Jemez Mountains (west/northwest of Santa Fe) has many natural hot springs to investigate. As well as the Nacimiento mountains Mountains southwest of Taos. Don't forget that southwestern NM has hot springs bubbling up, too!3

BLACK ROCK HOT SPRINGS - Adjacent to upper flows of the Rio Grande, two rock-wall pools are easily accessed. Natural mud bottoms, with temps averaging in the high 90s. Some use them au-natural, FYI.

Directions: From Taos Hwy.64. Soon intersecting Rt.522, follow that toward Arroyo Hondo. Make left onto B-006/Acequia Madre del Llano Rd. Ends at B-007, make right. Follow this dirt road to the John Dunn Bridge over the river. Then left to springs trailhead.

OR if Bridge is closed, for another adventure?

Turn left on Los Rios Rd./B-007. Entering hairpin turn, take left onto Tune Dr. Then right onto Two Gorges Rd. (2nd right). To another hairpin turn, dirt road comes off the left, leading to opposite the springs.

You'd have to cross the Rio Grande to get there - so watch those currents & water levels. And the weather! Rain can cause flash flooding.

Mapping Black Rock hot Springs in New Mexico

McCAULEY HOT SPRINGS - Want to get to this serene spot? Worth the 4 miles for a Santa Fe National Forest Warm Springs RT, given the slightly difficult hike it takes! Gradually consistent uphill climb, with some rocky areas. 

But wonderful scenery. Plus it's free with a bonus fish-pedicure! Depending on rainfall, you'll find 5 to 10 pools.

Springs area attracts bugs, especially gnats, so be aware.

Trailhead has ample parking + picnicking. 

Do watch weather, for recent rainfall - muddy trail can make for slippery areas & muddy pools. Even flash-flooding, that could close the area. As well as snowfalls.

To Go: Take Hwy.4 North 5 miles from Jemez Springs to Trailhead at Battleship Rock Day Use Area ($5 Fee). The East Fork Trail (#137) is what you'll follow.

Hot Springs Truth or Consequences

Truth or Consequences NM has a wellspring of hot springs to visit in their hot spring district!

Who knew? We've been through this town numerous times, before realizing that fact. Wow! Guess we weren't focused on it at the time.

Many are private, yet economical. Something a little different here. Let's see what they have.

BLACKSTONE HOTSPRINGS - Old timey TV show themes abound here! That's what you may want in the town named for the old game show! Choose among Twilight Zone, Roy Rogers, Babaloo, As the World Turns, Star Trek, Wonder Woman & others. What fun!

Right off the downtown area, near everything else you may need. Rooms have small fridge & microwave. Nice robe provided too! Tons of superb reviews.

Private hot spring bath rooms via reservation: only staying guests for now.

Consider it's an Adult Oriented retreat, not styled for children. No one under 12 may stay. Only those 16/+ can use the baths. Those <19 years must always be with an adult.

1 block off Broadway, at 410 Austin. Email: OR 575-894-0894. 

HOT SPRINGS GLAMP CAMP - Choose your Own Style of stay here. But bring your free-spirited outlook of relaxation! In their 4 hot-spring tubs: 3 outside, 1 jetted inside jacuzzi. With your stay you get 24/7 soak privileges, but first-come/first serve. Even spring yourself a deal, by becoming a camp host for awhile!

Natural Hot Springs Nevada

CARSON HOT SPRINGS - A private day resort, with historical roots. Natural mineral spring water flows up from this particular Sierra/Rocky Mountain chain of hot springs. High quality minerals included!

Plus discount multi-visit cards, rental towels possible, rental lockers (bring lock).

Restaurant & brewery are also on-site. Nice!

Carson Hot Springs sign in Nevada

Outdoor Pool - The spring fills their outdoor swimming pool. They vary the temperature for summer (avg.94oF) vs. winter (avg.99oF). 2-hour time limit, sauna included. Bathing suits required.

Indoor Private Pools - 9 available, 1st-come/1st-serve. Up to 4 people per tub soak at 95-104oF. Suit optional. Outdoor pool included in fee.

Hours: 8am–9pm every day

Contact - 1500 Old Hot Springs Rd., Carson City. Phone: 775-885-8844. Email:

DAVID WALLEY'S RESORT - In Genoa, Nevada's oldest town. Recently updated, for an even more wonder soak experience.

5 Sierra springs seep up to their pools. Including a nice swimming pool open from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Order Yours On Up!

Natural Hot Springs Texas

There are quite a few natural springs in Texas. The thing is, not many are hot springs.

Some you can call warm springs. Others are just plain old aquifer sourced springs, rising to the surface with cool waters.

Most of the true natural hot springs in Texas are in the Western part of the state.

CHINATI HOT SPRINGS - A West Texas desert oasis awaits your aching muscles! It has been called Ruidosa Hot Springs, too.

7 cabins in the middle of nowhere in the Big Bend area. Here to give you a calming interlude.

Reservations are required, with a cabin-stay for hot spring pool usage. No day passes or walk-ins.

Has Top Reviews! Think you'd Want To Go?

KRAUSE SPRINGS - In the Texas Hill Country, what a magnificent setting! Privately owned property, on the National Registry of Historical Sites. Open mid-Feb. through Oct.

Their 32 springs feed into pools at 68oF, all which sit adjacent to Lake Travis. Visit for the day, primitive tent camping or RV sites with water/electric hook-up.

Get There: Hwy.71W from Austin. After crossing Pedernales River, in 7 miles, make right on Spur 191, then right on CR 404. Watch for left entry.

Natural Hot Springs Utah

CRYSTAL HOT SPRINGS - Maybe the most unique natural hot springs in the whole country - never mind the southwest! Located in Honeyville.

Why unique? There are 2 springs here, one is hot (avg. 127oF), the other cold (avg. 70oF). They bubble up less than 50 ft. from each other. And both emit lots of flowing water.

Plus the hot spring contains more documented mineral content than any other in the world!

Try these soothing sources for 3 soaking hot-tubs, a hot-soak pool & an Olympic pool with a waterslide.

NOTE: Utah law requires closing if lightning is striking within a 30 mile radius. They will close, with no refunds unless receipt shows entry less than 45 min. prior. Enter at your own risk.

Nice Stay Near Honeyville: Check It Out>

HOMESTEAD RESORT - Another truly Utah unique experience! Here they feature the Homestead Crater. Hmmm. What is that?

Over at least the past ten millennium, melting mountain snows filtrated down from the surface until reaching geothermal layers. Which heated these waters.

As they simmered upward, they absorbed earthen minerals. Reaching the surface the minerals coagulated, creating a hollowed volcano-like or beehive looking formation. Now known as the Homestead Crater.

Its 55 ft. tall apex opens to sunlight & airy ventilation. Yet, no matter when, inside its temps avg. 92oF. They offer multiple methods to experience this unique wonder! Try Them!

SARATOGA HOT SPRINGS - Accessed by taking the Saratoga Hot Springs Trail from the trailhead (past the restroom) in Inlet Park in the town of Saratoga Springs.

The springs are free & adjacent to Utah Lake. 3 pools have natural hot spring water approximating 109oF. Open until 10pm.

You have a Great Value Stay not far to take advantage of.

RED HILL HOT SPRINGS - Natural & serenely free. East of the town of Monroe. 3 pools with varied temps. One is cool, so a nice final cool-down!

Surrounded by red rocks. But use caution as the reddish sandstone tinting can rub off on your clothes! Most crowded on weekends. 

Get There: From Main St., take E 300 N toward the East. Turns dirt when approaching the town's rural edges. Bear right as it joins to County Rd. 1187. Take 2nd left onto 1185, when reaching a "T" merges with 1182. Turn right, springs is on right. 

Natural Hot Springs Oklahoma

Oklahoma isn't really known for natural HOT springs.

However it does have a few mineral springs, spouting cool waters. We'll just mention them here, as you may want to visit for their mineral healthfulness and/or the beauty.

TRAVERTINE CREEK - Spring Fed area with swimming areas in Chickasaw National Recreation Area. You're only allowed in the western section, downstream from Little Niagara.

BOILING SPRINGS STATE PARK - Watch for it bubbling up (not hotly) before your eyes! Though you can't soak in it, they do provide a swimming pool for a refreshing plunge.

Plus see Shaul Lake, which is spring sourced.

Get There: From downtown Woodward OK, on Hwy.412/Oklahoma Ave., go North on 9th St./Rt34. After crossing the North Canadian River, make right onto Rt.34C. It will bend to the left & then shortly turn right, taking you to the park entry.

THREE SPRINGS TRAIL - Located at Roman Nose State Park. The Spring of Life feeds Beaver Creek, which the trail follows. The trailhead is at the rear of the playground off the P10 road parking lot. Wading into its cool waters is fine. You'll find a gorgeous waterfall spraying in front of a little cave, too!

Get There: North of I-40 from Watonga OK. Take Clarence Nash Blvd./Rt.8 north out of town. Just after the big curve right, take the left turn onto Rt.8A to park entrance & right turn ahead to P10. 

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